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Steven Trolland has dedicated his life to exploring the beauty within the natural world of mediumship and is a certified teacher CSNU(t).

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These up and coming tracks will be to allow my voice to influence, nurture and create the living thought within you, so together we can allow a time that you deserve to surrender to a natural living beauty, an intelligence already within you, a space to let go of worries, a space that can enrich you and your life as well as unfolding and strengthening your awareness with the beauty of your soul, and where your awareness can grow with those that you love in the spirit world. 

 Because out of the billions of people in the world there is no one else that is you, meaning that you are so unique. So the more we surrender to this living beauty within the soul, it can allow the soul to rice and embrace you and a way that is natural to you, so everything that is within the miracles and magic of your soul is a part of can become a reality.

This can bring you to a space healing, and most importantly a space of empowerment, of contentment and at the same time unfold the potential within your sensitivity, your psychic and mediumship awareness.

This can only help enrich you as a person and you life in such a positive way

The Spirit Within Audio

is a free download but donation's are gratefully received

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The Spirit Within Video

Steven Trolland Soulfully Embraced
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