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Steven Trolland at Soulfully Embraced

Something special from a service at Hopeman.

It was in the last connection there was some nice presence and evidence that came through from a husband to his wife where there were some emotions, but it is what happened after is what truly amazed me with the intelligence of the spirit world and how it was orchestrated.

As a medium we can sometimes take on the persona of someone in the spirit world where the spirit world can influence our body mannerisms for example maybe of how they walked so we can walk like they did maybe if they had a limp for example, hand gestures and much much more. What I am saying is that they can influence our body movements.

I was drawing the raffle tickets as there were some prizes to give out. As my hand went into the box to pick up a ticket my awareness went to the lady who I gave the last contact to, whilst at the same time I heard the song “you are my sunshine” from her husband. When I shouted the ticket number, the ticket that was picked ended up being for her. I shouted to her from the top table that I heard "You are my sunshine" and that the prize was from her husband where she was fairly touched as she received a beautiful box of chocolates, She told me that it was a favourite song of her husband and where he would get her to play and sing it to him as she was musically talented.

It Just amazes me how it was so beautifully orchestrated. Even although not physically here, from the spirit world he still managed to gift his beautiful wife with a box of chocolates whilst bringing that beautiful memories of the song she used to sing to him. How happy he made her, but we also have to think of how happy he will also be he managed to do this.

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