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Steven Trolland psychic medium

Steven Trolland has dedicated his life to exploring the beauty within the natural world of mediumship and is a certified teacher CSNUt.

"Had my first Zoom session with Steven last night...truly incredible! I am going through a difficult time at the moment and left the session feeling more positive and connected to my own soul and the souls of my loved ones than I have in a very long time...Steven you were amazing and I cannot thank you enough for giving your time and energy to this! Already excited for the next session."

Sara Taylor

Appointments are £50 for 30 mins or £80 for 50 mins

You will be able leave your details at the time of booking so Steven can contact you at your selected date and time.

"In The Comfort Of Your Own Home"

Psychic is giving your soul a voice through my senses and sensitivity, bringing insight to your life. The medium can see the beauty and potentials in you and do my best to bring that to your awareness, to the surface which can allow an opportunity for great healing and direction to take place. Your soul wants you to live a loving and fulfilled life as that is what you deserve.

To be a Medium is when those that love you in the spirit world come close to touch the senses within the soul of the medium with their expression of their love and friendship, then it can then be experienced by the medium and sometimes felt by those that come for a reading. They also like us to see the beauty in ourselves, and to help us within the process of a loss in whichever way can as they provide evidence of who is communicating and that they can still part of your life today.

Understanding that there is so much more than only what the physical world teaches us that we are also so much more, and that our loved ones are only a breath away. This can enrich our lives in such a positive way

"Home Is Where The Heart Is"

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"In The Comfort Of Your Own Home"

On occasions like this in a more intimate setting it can just be for you and your group.

On occasions like this it gives Steven the opportunity to work with both you and also those that love you in the spirit world. 

There can be great healing that takes place whether it be psychic or to be the medium or even both as we try to work to the greatest need.

​For private demonstrations, this can be done over Zoom video call at £115 or in person at £150 minimum is required or £15 per person and you can have as many as you like in a session and lasts around an hour to an hour and a half depending in the energy. If there is far to travel, then there could be an additional cost for fuel.

There is a £60 deposit required to secure this.

And although like any demonstration not everyone will be guaranteed a message mostly dependant on the amount of people but Steven will certainly try to get around if not all, as many people as possible.

"Home Is Where The Heart Is"

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