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The truth is the spirit world isn't a place. It is only a different perception of awareness.

An experience I had at the earlier stages of my unfoldment, was one time I was sitting listening to Glyn Edwards “Sitting in the power” then when it ended, I felt an urge to put on a track in the CD “Healing the wounded Soul” By Tony Stockwell, This track was about meeting your loved one. As soon as the track started Tony’s voice fell away like it was in the next room and all I could feel was the love of my brother starting to bond and embrace me.

But what I am trying to explain here, is that there are no physical words that can possibly match to truly explain this experience. This was a communion beyond the physical perception.

As my brother came so close, a lifetime of hugs couldn’t even come close possibly express the oneness and experience within this moment.

My breath was his breath as his was mine, his tears were my tears as his mine and his soul so closely bonded with mine as mine his.

In this life we speak to each other with a physical voice to communicate, but no words were needed, this was beyond a lifetime of hugs and beyond needing to hear a voice for a conversation. Everything that could ever be needed was right there within that very moment, and when I say oneness, that word is far to small, and even the word love is too small, and I believe this is because we will naturally try to embrace that word in within our thoughts and compare it to those we love so dear.

But this experience felt beyond how we even express thought, where no thought was needed. Everything that could ever be needed was right there in that moment.

It wasn’t until after a wee while of just being, was then when my brother started to withdraw and then this was when the expression of thought came from one mind to another, meaning from his to mine. I saw a image of my sister, my nephew, a rubber duck and then football on the T.V. I knew my sister was open to this so she wouldn’t think I was mad. So I sent her a message of my experience and then for her to get back saying that my nephew just finished playing with his favourite rubber duck in the bath and now he is sitting watching football with his dad.

Many have thought that it was good getting that information about my nephew. And it was great for my sister and for my brother to say he was there with them, and certainly not devaluing this, but it couldn’t even come close to touching or skiff the surface of the moment that I had with my beloved brother in the spirit world previous to that.

So can you imagine what it is like to have a hug soul to soul from those you love in the spirit world? What it could be like for them when they are met by those they have missed so dear? And one day when it is our time to take that step beyond the physical senses, how we will be met by those that love us?

We each have a beauty, a quality so unique because there is no one else in this world that is you, but also that has already imprinted so deep into the hearts of those we love, in both worlds here and now, and where no words are needed. This is because we are also a living spirit, a beautiful soul that has a presence so dear. Actually, This is your presence, that expresses itself through you!

Let it be beautiful, let it touch where no words are needed, and someday whether it be in this life or the next, you will also learn the totality of your own beauty with those you love and touched, and what that beauty can perceive the world to be, and present to you the wonders of the life itself.

“Let your presence be your beauty. Let your love be your truth and let your soul be the voice”

My best wishes as always,

Steven x

  • Writer's pictureBy Steven Trolland

Let your presence be your beauty, let your love be your truth and ler your soul be the voice

  • Writer's pictureBy Steven Trolland

The Spirit Within is something that has certainly come from my heart and soul.

And coming from the richness of the soul, my hope is that it touches yours

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