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"My reading with Stevie was wonderful. He gave me a gentle and absolutely truthful reading which connected to my family who had passed. He was able to convey their spirit and personalities and provided validation on specifics. When I went home and read through the notes I had taken, it further confirmed that he was absolutely spot on. Lovely genuine medium and someone who does readings for the right reasons. Recommend highly."

Fiona Halliwell

Steven Trolland psychic medium
"When truly touched by the beauty and presence of spirit, it is something that can be more precious and sacred than any material thing that this world can offer "

"Let your presence be your beauty, Let your love your truth and

let your soul be the voice"

Soul is a Greek word for psychic. Mediumship needs the soul meaning the psychic within the medium to become aware of those in the spirit world and this is when it becomes mediumship, and through the love, compassion and sensitivity of the medium the spirit world can have a voice.

"Information can touch the mind, but the presence of spirit will touch the soul"

I have trained at the finest places such as Arthur Findlay College in London which is The World’s Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences.

Steven  is accredited and now holds a certificate of recognition for speaking, demonstrating private readings and also for teaching with the spiritualist national union as a medium CSNU(t) and is also an approved spiritual healer.

It was during my competition days in snowboarding where I gained six podiums and two British titles is when I fell into this awareness of life after the passing of my beloved brother. 

The determination, passion and dedication that I put towards my compieting days for many years, is now directed towards what will now fulfill me for life "in other words fulfilling my soul" by bringing comfort to many and the realisation that we are so much more than what our physical senses perceive.

Psychic medium Scotland, UK and opening my heart to the world.

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